A Little Bit Of Cannabis Can Ease That Tension Headache

Medible review a little bit of cannabis can ease that tension headache
Medible review a little bit of cannabis can ease that tension headache

There are a lot of types of headaches to be had, from the headache you got when your boss asked you to come in on Saturday to the throbbing head crunchers to horrific cluster headaches. Many will have heard of micro-dosing on LSD for the latter, but if its a tension headache you’re dealing with, cannabis can be key in easing your pain.

As the name implies, tension headaches are caused by just that, tension. They can arise from stressful experiences that leave a lasting impact, a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” (Not the book itself, of course!) or any sort of situation that has your neck and shoulders bunched up and tense for a long enough time to affect your headspace.

Cannabis Indica is a known stress reliever and has centuries of documented use as a tension reliever. From easing tension at home or especially in the bedroom, marijuana works wonders. It doesn’t just mask the pain so that your headache seeps back into existence, it permeates your cannabinoid system and gets rid of stress and negativity that likely led to the headache to begin with.

Indicas, because of their sometimes sleepy properties, may not be ideal for getting work done or day to day functioning, which most of us have to keep going at, headache or no. While a sativa will help, if too potent or stimulating, it could cause anxiety instead of relieving it. Most likely a hybrid between the two is your best bet.

Talking to your local dispensary about strains is a very good idea, as budtenders are well schooled in what each strain they carry is best for what. You want to go for a relaxing, but functioning strain, something that will melt away tension while keeping the creative juices flowing. Strains such as these abound, all you have to do is ask.

Another benefit to using cannabis to alleviate tension headaches is that you don’t have to take over the counter or even prescription medication. Instead, you ingest your cannabis in your favorite way and let the herbal remedy do its job.

One last note about the strain you pick, make sure that if your preferred method is smoking that the strain isn’t “harsh.” A coughing fit is the last thing someone with a headache needs or wants and has the potential to exacerbate the condition. Imbibe the best possible cannabis you can find and let those muscles relax and rest so you can tackle the day like you haven’t a worry in the world.

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