A Doctor’s Advice: Does Marijuana Help With Menstrual Cramps?

Medible review a doctors advice does marijuana help with menstrual cramps
Medible review a doctors advice does marijuana help with menstrual cramps

Medical Marijuana Card Consultations In Boston, MA

In Massachusetts, state-sanctioned retailers are expected to begin selling Cannabis products to personal-use (non-medical) consumers sometime next summer. Following that transition, most adults with valid photo identification will be able to purchase limited quantities of marijuana. That means women will be able to purchase cannabis products to help alleviate menstrual cramping and other types of period pain.

Until then, a Massachusetts resident may obtain a medical marijuana card to possess medical cannabis if she is diagnosed with a debilitating illness or condition by her physician. If you regularly experience extreme menstrual pain, talk to your doctor about whether cannabis could be appropriate.

Inhale MD is a Boston area, cannabis-based medical practice providing confidential consultations at convenient locations in Brookline and Cambridge, in addition to secure online consultations. If severe menstrual pain is affecting your quality of life, and causing you to miss work or activities you enjoy, Inhale MD may be able to help you get better pain relief. To speak confidentially about cannabis for severe pain management, contact Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886.

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