5 Reasons Why Teens Are Inclined To Smoke Weed

Weed is one of the most widely used and abused substances among teens. According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, around 46% have declared that they have used drugs in their life. Young people are more inclined to smoke weed than ever.

Although many states are allowing people to use medical marijuana, and that too is only when they are prescribed or using it to deal with medical disorders, the adult ratio is increasing. This dramatic increase underscores the necessity of creating solutions that target people in their middle age. 

Experts need to know why young adults are smoking more weed to define effective therapies for the treatment.

Peer Influences

Peer pressure has been an active force in many cultures, especially in America. As a person goes to school, college, or seeing the world around him, he is molding his attitude and forming ways to socialize. He may see other fellows of his age or even of his group doing such things, smoking and drinking, which has a strong influence on his behavior.

There are a lot of movies that depict the use of marijuana as normal. Those movies have a great impact on adults and they are likely to adopt those habits over time. This leads to continued use of the substance.


One of the major reasons for the increased use of weed among adults is its availability. Obtaining marijuana has become easier for teens or adults than ever. Marijuana is even surprisingly available to middle school youngsters.

As more states are declaring it legal for medical or recreational use, and many companies are dealing in the business or even selling it online such as cheap weed Canada and others, it has given adults easy access to buy it. Some drugs dispensaries are keeping a wide range of weed kinds and making it more available to the people.

The Concept That Marijuana Is Harmless

As there are fewer studies about the harmful effects of marijuana and on the same hand doctors also pronounce that patients with given situations such as treating pain, nausea, etc, can take medical marijuana in controlled amounts, it depicts the harmless side of marijuana in front of teens.

However, regardless of the long debate, marijuana does have adverse effects on human health, both physically and mentally and people who take this in excessive amounts can lead towards its addiction.

Relief From Anxiety

Adults may also use this substance to treat their psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. People suffering from serious anxiety are reported to take this drug to treat the symptoms more than those who are not suffering from any depression.

Although this drug gives temporary relief from depression, using it excessively can make the situation even worse. Its increased use can take anxiety to a serious level because when they are having this substance they are not conscious of their surroundings and a sudden trigger can put them in serious shock.

Other Reasons

Apart from influentials and treating psychological disorders, many ten and adults take it due to several other reasons such as to look cool and in a fashion sense, some get used to it due to cultural habits like attending party events where the majority is consuming it, to remove their boredom, to escape personal life problems or some take it to feel good.

Final words

Young adults’ reasons for smoking weed are important because it is the first step in the process of preventing the use. Once you know the motivation behind all this, you can know how to deal with it.

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