5 Effective Ways To Store Pure Kratom Extract

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Kratom is an herbal extract from the leaves of an evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves are chewable and can be ingested or brewed. You can make a liquid from pure Kratom extract. We often use the liquid form of Kratom extract to treat muscle pain or stop cramps and diarrhea. You can also use it to treat panic attacks.

Why Is It So Sensitive?

You must first examine Kratom’s origins to understand why it is so sensitive. Derived from the mitragyna speciosa plant, the tree grows mainly in Southeast Asia in hot and moist conditions. After the leaves get harvested from the tree, they are ground into a powder. 

The effectiveness of Kratom’s active compounds must be properly processed and stored. Otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness over time.

Kratom’s effectiveness is the most obvious if you ask experts and enthusiasts. It works best for three months. You can risk the product going wrong if you wait longer. The freshness of pure kratom extract can vary depending on where you purchase it. In this case, you don’t want the product to go wrong by keeping it in a random place. You can expect your Kratom products to last longer if you take the time to store them properly.


What Are The Key Elements That Decide The Purity Of Kratom?

Although it would be incorrect to refer to them as elements, some things can affect their purity.

  • You can get cheap Kratom-like herbal powders.
  • To increase their profits, many vendors add powders of other herbs to Kratom. These kratom products are unlikely to be available.
  • If the leaves of Kratom remain untidy or if there are rotten or damaged stems or leaves, they will be considered impure. If the product is not organic, it will be deemed unclean.


5 Effective Methods to Store Pure Kratom Extract

Kratom, like any other dried spice, herb, or tea bag, is made from living matter and can expire. These are some simple methods to prolong the shelf life of your Pure Kratom Extract and make it as potent as possible.

  • Avoid UV Light

The sun’s powerful rays can cause severe skin damage. Our skin can become damaged if we spend too much time in direct sunlight. Kratom storage is no different. The sun is what causes Kratom’s alkaloids to start dissolving. Even if you are a regular Kratom user, you may find that your Kratom is less potent if it gets exposed to UV light. We can expose Kratom to some sun, but monitoring how much sunlight your Kratom receives is essential. Dark-colored jars and tins are best to store Kratom in.

  • Store Kratom with low to no temperature fluctuations

The quality of Kratom is affected by temperature fluctuations. So, store it in a room with a temperature-controlled environment. The pantry is a great place to keep it. To make small packages, seal the bag with foil or glass. That will prevent condensation from forming. You can also keep it in the freezer or refrigerator.

  • Reduce Kratom’s Oxygen Exposure

Mitragynine is an alkaloid in Kratom. This powerful substance gives Kratom its kick. However, it can and will slowly degrade over time, particularly when exposed to oxygen. Your Kratom should be kept in an airtight container. Your Kratom’s aroma and potency will rapidly change if it is not sealed correctly. Store your Kratom as you keep your coffee beans or tea leaves for maximum freshness.

  • Keep Kratom out of moisture.

Moisture can be a significant enemy of kratom powder and can cause damage to the whole batch. When the leaves are dried, the shelf life of kratom powder is stable. Dry leaves retain moisture. Therefore, keep the dry Kratom leaves out of moist areas such as dishwasher vents and other places. Keep the Kratom pulverized away from moisture until you intend to use it in your tea. Otherwise, the powder can become moldy.

  • Avoid Excessive Oxygen

Oxygen is an essential ingredient in oxidation. Oxidation in metals can lead to rust. However, oxygen can also cause oxidation in vitamins and foods. Vitamins can also oxidize if they have much fat.

As with any organic substance, oxidation can cause Kratom to get degraded. Environmental changes can easily damage Kratom once we remove it from the tree. You should keep oxygen levels low in storage containers.

Similar to UV light, prolonged oxygen exposure can cause a decrease in the potency of your Kratom. You can slow the process or prevent it using airtight bags and containers.

  • Avoid Contact With Strong Smells

It is a great option to store your Kratom in the refrigerator, but be aware of strong odors that could affect its taste. Open butter containers can also be affected. Kratom can smell like butter if stored in a fridge with odoriferous foods like garlic bread, onions, or cooked meat. Kratom’s bitter, sharp taste can take some time to get used to. Kratom that tastes like onion soup won’t help you adapt to it.

You should consider where and what container you keep your Kratom in. The storage container is another consideration. If you plan to store Kratom in an old cigar humidor, the Kratom may smell like cigars.

  • Keep Kratom Sealed

In the same way that sunlight and moisture can cause damage to plants, exposure to air can also have a devastating effect on them. It is essential to seal your Kratom. The chemical compounds that are left unsealed will again get destroyed. That will result in – you guessed right – a decrease in alkaloid content and can cause disintegration of the herb’s natural makeup. Add silica packets into the jars to keep capsules fresh. 

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We have observed that even well-stored Pure Kratom Extract begins to lose its effectiveness after one year. These tips are for people who plan to keep a lot of Kratom over the long term. Stockpilers are those who intend to store Kratom for at least three months, must follow:

  • Vacuum-sealed bags: We use these to prevent oxidation in larger quantities.
  • Mini Freezer: This is the right product for you if you are serious about your kratom storage but don’t want it to get all over your frozen pizzas. You don’t have to thaw the powder before freezing it. Freezing is the next step in keeping your Kratom cool. To double your protection against mold, freeze bags that have been vacuum sealed.
  • Consider the source: All parties, from distributors to consumers, must consider the length of the store Kratom before purchasing it. Then factor in how long it should remain fresh. It is necessary to subtract the three-month storage time your supplier kept in a warehouse before buying it.
  • Keep Kratom dry and avoid humidity: Try to consider this tip in all of the previous. That doesn’t mean that you should keep Kratom away from liquids. However, it is essential to avoid damp and humid areas like basements or attics because mold thrives in these places.


Can I store Kratom in my freezer?

Your freezer is a great storage option if you want to store tea. What about Kratom? Many questions about kratom storage and how to use a freezer have been raised. The truth is, there hasn’t been enough research.

A freezer can be cool, dark, and dry, but there are other things to consider. What happens if your Kratom gets the freezer burned? While we can’t offer suggestions, we warn you to be careful with your freezer. It is simply not worth destroying your Kratom.

A mini-fridge is the best option if you want to freeze. You won’t get stale smells, and you can keep your food fresher longer. You can also keep an eye on your Kratom.


Capsule Kratom

You have to consider the shelf-life of kratom capsules. Because it is more susceptible to decay than powdered, kratom capsules can become brittle over time, gelatin capsules are stable, but vegetable glycerin capsules may be vulnerable if they are not in an airtight container.

To keep kratom capsules safe, you can either place them in a bag and catch any powder that escapes. Or you can open the capsules to collect the Kratom powder in another container for long-term storage.


Storage Do’s

  • The Bed
  • Bedroom Closet
  • Clothes drawer
  • Treasure Chest
  • Cabinet


Storage Don’ts

  • Everywhere you look in a Bathroom
  • Car
  • In the Backyard
  • In the Kitchen
  • Fridge or Freezer


Order Kratom from a Reputable Dealer

You should allow enough time for your Kratom to be appropriately stored, as long as you purchase it from a trusted dealer. Even the best storage methods may not be enough if you buy Kratom from a questionable seller.

You only have three months to store Kratom. However, that is not the three months after you buy it. It’s been three months since it got harvested. Some dealers will sell Kratom that is more than a year old. Worse, many dealers don’t properly store it. Avoid such issues by selecting a trusted dealer.



To preserve Kratom’s efficacy and freshness, keep it in a cool, dark place. You should treat your Kratom the same way you would find teas. Fresh ground Kratom leaves should be used within one to three weeks of their arrival. You should purchase Kratom from a reliable vendor, so you know they will promptly ship your Kratom and follow proper storage guidelines.

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