5 Best Online Weed Dispensaries In Canada

Currently, Canada has almost 357 Online dispensaries. With choice comes the challenge of selecting the best one. But do not worry about it. This article will help you know some fantastic online dispensaries in Canada.

Factors Taken to Decide Best Online Dispensaries

The names of online dispensaries such as the Get Kush, you will read in the subsequent section are taken on different factors. They are:

  • The product quality, business professionalism, value, end-to-end service quality, knowledge, and customer care.
  • Performance of their website ( speed, design, UX, and wordsmithing)
  • Overall online reputation
  • Available FAQ information and Terms of Service
  • Product transparency
  • Reasonable price

Most of these dispensaries provide delivery services. However, you can also opt for other well-known delivery services. So, here is a list of some best weed dispensary in Canada.

Weed Dispensaries In Canada

  1. The Grow House

This dispensary has experience in the Cannabis world. Some of their team members were part of one of the initial online dispensaries in Canada for medical Marijuana. The price of Cannabis concentrates and flowers is hard to beat. They also bring sales frequently. Some advantages and disadvantages of this dispensary are given below.


  • They are all-rounders. They grow Cannabis, manufacture it, and bring it to your doorstep.
    • They have a variety of options available. You will find almost 75 strains anytime on their site.
    • Excellent edibles and concentrates and live resin pricing
    • The website is designed professionally and responds well.
    • The site has an excellent online reputation for its product quality, services, and value for money.
    • The customer support services are appreciable. You can contact them through various mediums. You can also place an order through the telephone.
    • Great deals on weed are always on the site with a fair pricing model.
    • If your package gets stolen or lost while shipping, they reship the order.


  • You cannot see the bulk or ounce price without adding the material to the cart.
    • Currently, they do not provide the option to pay through credit cards.
    • It isn’t easy to access their privacy policies.

You can visit their official site to place an order.

  1. West Coast Cannabis

Based on 423 reviews by November 2021, West Coast Cannabis has a 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot. While on Budhub Canada, it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Their commitment to product quality and services is unmatched. 

Their pros and cons are given below.


  • It offers one of the highest quality BC Buds in Canada with some of the best prices guaranteed on bulk concentrates and weeds.
    • Their menu is vast with several mix combo packs with mesmerizing full-pound, half-pound, and quarter-pound bulk weed deals, concentrates, $100 ounces, and great shatters bulk pricing.
    • Understanding owners who willingly negotiate the already low pricing if you order multiple pounds.
    • It is one of the top-rated MOM in Canada for its value and services.
    • The website is well-designed with convenience to use. Besides, their terms of services and privacy policy are easily accessible.


  • During peak hours, customer support might take time to respond. That is because it is a busy dispensary.
    • The mix and match combo might make it difficult to know about the strains you are picking.
  1. Haute Health

A Vancouver-based MOM dispensary, Haute Health offers some top-quality weed strains to Cannabis lovers. During its opening, the company’s objective was to provide the Canadian market with premium Cannabis supplements and products at affordable prices. If you want good quality Cannabis that coordinates well with your budget, Haute Health can be your go-to option.

Here are its pros and cons.


  • The website design is attractive, with features convenient for users.
    • Unreal weed deals and daily coupons.
    • The team members have a long time of experience in online dispensary operations.
    • Best online value for shatter, mushrooms, resin, BC bud, edibles, and CBD.
    • Understanding operators with top-notch consumer services.
    • Good quality medical marijuana and other related weed products at reasonable prices.
    • They categorize their flower menu by gram value, such as $9 grams, $8 grams, $7 grams, $6 grams, $5 grams, $4 grams, $3 grams, and $2 grams.
    • It is one of the only sites that offer free shipping on all orders.


  • Products sell out quickly and take time to restock.
    • The options for CBD are limited.
    • Like West Coast Cannabis, it is a busy dispensary. Thus, customer service might take time.

You can order products through their official site.

Medible review add to cart
  1. MMJ Direct BC Craft Cannabis

Established in 2016, MMJ Direct is an experienced player in the Cannabis industry. They have some of the best boutique craft Cannabis in their dispensary. The success of MMJ Direct shows that they are well aware of the requirements of Canadians. Their various pros and cons are given below.


  • Wide range of options for top-quality BC Cannabis. They also offer limited release strains of Gastown Collective.
    • Founded in 2016, it enjoys an excellent online reputation for product quality and customer services.
    • They list their flowers by grades, ranging from AA to AAAA+ flowers.
    • It is a professional brand with fair pricing and excellent overall value.
    • Easy to use and simple website.
    • Their menu offers some of the best Cannabis products and brands.
    • The photos are accurate, and the weed description is transparent.


  • There is a small menu for people who are only looking for high-quality Cannabis.
    • Their privacy policy is difficult to access.
    • Their CBD options are limited.
  1. Get Kush

Voted by sites, such as Cannabis Culture, Leafly, etc., Get Kush enjoys the position of one of the best online Cannabis and edibles dispensary services in Canada. They offer a range of Sativa, hybrid, and Indica strains. Their products are of high quality and ensure the lowest prices. Here are its several pros and cons.


  • Their prices are reasonable and reflect the product quality.
  • Offers free delivery for orders above $149. The delivery system is secure and fast.
  • The dispensary offers top-quality products with gifts for regular customers.
  • The orders are packed discreetly and shipped promptly.
  • The range of options is infinite with reasonable rates. 


  • Sometimes delivery might take time.

That was the list of dispensary services.

That was the list of dispensary services.


There are several other options available in the market. Some people look for dispensaries that are near to their house for fast delivery. For some, the price could be the topmost criterion. Thus, you can explore each one and look at what fulfills your requirements in the best possible way.

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