Easy Topical Cannabis Distillate Salve

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Topical Cannabis distillate salves have been around forever in various forms. The healing power of cannabis oil is getting some much deserved recognition in the fight against cancer. One of the best reported uses for a topical cannabis distillate is to treat skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma), which is why I decided to make this potent salve.

I first tried just rubbing cannabis oil directly onto the affected area; If you have ever never dealt with cannabis oil it is like trying to rub extra-sticky honey into your skin.

To achieve a better consistency and to aid absorption I decided to mix it with coconut oil. I experimented with different amounts of until deciding which gave the strongest salve while still be to be applied and absorbed. I settled on the following recipe which I will share with you.

A single batch of this cannabis distillate salve made my skin cancer vanish in the span of 3 months when applied liberally 3 times a day. I cannot guarantee this will work for you, just telling you that it worked for me!


For this recipe, I use Cannabis Distillate because of its sheer potency and purity. Cannabis Distillate is cannabis oil that has been further refined by short path distillation, rendering a final product almost pure cannabanoids. The process also serves to decarboxylate (activate) the THC making this usable for both topical and oral use.

You can use any decarbed cannabis oil to make salve if you do not have access to cannabis distillate, although your results may vary.


1 gram of Cannabis Distillate

1/2 teaspoon or 2ml of virgin, cold-pressed unrefined Coconut Oil. (The stuff that is solid at room temp)

1 small container with lid, preferably glass. You can find perfect containers here!

How to make cannabis distillate salve

Step 1: Warm your cannabis distillate, hold the syringe under hot running water for a minute or so to make it come out easier.

Step 2: Warm your coconut oil until it becomes a clear liquid then pour into the small glass container.  Add the contents of the cannabis distillate syringe and stir with a toothpick until combined. If is to thick to easily mix, just warm the jar a bit. Once its mixed you are done! Easy cannabis distillate salve!

Cannabis distillate salve

This salve will remain a solid at temperatures under 72 degrees F. If you live in a warm climate, you should store this in the refrigerator to keep from melting. Rub into the affected area at least 3 times daily.

Does cannabis distillate salve cure cancer?

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence regarding the ability of cannabinoids to cure cancer. Mainstream science is slowly performing more research in this area, so perhaps we can see some definitive proof soon. Until then, it’s definitely worth trying. Ask your doctor if this is something that interests you.

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