TOTO CBD Botanical Lube Review

Medible review TOTO CBD lube

TOTO CBD Botanical Lube









  • Comes with a pump spray top
  • Works very well
  • Lightly scented and flavored
  • Safe for oral use


  • Cannot be used with condoms

These days, there seems to be a CBD version of just about everything. From candy to vape pens to lube, there seems to be no limit to what someone an infuse. Just because you can, however, doesn’t always necessarily mean you should. I mean, CBD lube? Is this really a thing?

Turns out it is! While I have not personally researched the use of CBD down there, I have heard some good things. Not knowing too much about the topic, I decided to shop around and find a product that I could test.

I ended up getting a CBD infused lube from Toca Botanicals called TOTO. The actual spelling is T ({}) T O, with the first “O” bearing resemblance to a vagina. According to the company, “TOTO is a hemp-based botanical CBD intimate oil for all bodies. It is designed with the vulva/vagina in mind, but is lovely for all genitalia.”

This lube can be used for foreplay, penetrative sex, and also as a healing massage oil for your pelvis, internal & external and anus/prostate, and even as a massage oil for the whole body. It is soothing to local tissue, allowing your body to relax and open, while increasing blood flow and engorgement.

TOTO is an MCT oil-based CBD lube infused with other herbs like Sage, Peppermint & Ginger to name a few. You can see the full ingredient list on their website. It is designed to gently stimulate and warm your body’s erectile tissues.

The literature also claims It helps reduce inflammation and pain in the pelvic erogenous zones, and increase pleasure and prolonged orgasm. I was eager to test this out, especially the part about the prolonged orgasms. (I mean, what girl doesn’t want a longer orgasm?)

The bottle has a spray top, which is unique. After using it I find that I really like that feature, makes application super easy. The lube itself has like a kinda really faint herbal-pepperminty smell. I was worried it might burn but that was not the case.

After, um, rubbing it in for a few minutes I started to get like this tingly feeling. Not strong like a lube that has menthol in it but a nice pleasant buzzing – very erotic. Since I read that TOTO is safe to ingest orally and is also safe to use on silicone or plastic sex toys, I dutifully finished my review.

I am not 100% sure if my orgasm was actually longer or just seemed longer because I was expecting it to be, but I can say that it was thunderous. The afterglow definitely lasted longer though, that I am sure of. I will have to do (much) more testing to be certain.

Overall, this being my first foray into CBD lubes I found it quite exhilarating! The TOTO spray from Toca Botanicals is my new favorite lube, and is probably the best CBD lube for sex (or solo play) there is. I will test this theory further at a later date.

If you want to see what you are missing, go order a bottle from Toca Botanicals and try it yourself! They also have another lube that looks like its meant more for anal action called QULO. I have not tried that one, but I am sure its good if the TOTO is any indication. Better yet, get both!

Just a heads up, TOTO is not to be used with any latex condoms. Oil can degrade condoms and potentially make them ineffective.

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