What Are the Best Ways of Consuming CBD

Medible review CBD Hemp as an antidepressant

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient taken from the hemp plant. It has totally grown in popularity in recent years and can be consumed or taken in many ways to match varying lifestyles. If you are considering trying it or curious to learn how it works, you might be surprised by the sheer amount of consumption options available to suit different needs and preferences.

If you don’t know if it is better to apply it to your skin or drop it into your mouth, you have arrived at the perfect article. Continue reading on to discover the best ways of consuming CBD.


CBD oil is the most versatile option, as you can consume it directly or add it to food, drinks, and cosmetics. When taken directly, most people tend to take the recommended dosage underneath the tongue to support absorption, but this isn’t always an ideal option for those with a sensitive palate.

The key to choosing CBD oil is to find a safe, reputable store that uses 100% natural ingredients and provides third-party lab-tested products, such as supremecbd.uk. It will provide peace of mind that you have purchased the highest quality oil for your needs.


If you would prefer a quick, convenient way to consume CBD to match your busy lifestyle, CBD capsules are a great choice. The pre-measured dosage can help you seamlessly incorporate it into your everyday life, and you can take a soft gel capsule when you first wake up, after brushing your teeth, or even on the go. Also, you can choose from different strengths to match your needs, from 15mg to 60mg.


If you would prefer a topical alternative, you cannot go wrong with CBD balm, as it is an effective, natural way to enjoy its benefits literally at your fingertips. It is a quick method for consuming CBD, as you can apply the balm directly onto your skin after washing your face each morning or night. It is a soothing start to your day that may naturally fit into your daily wellness routine.


If you hate the thought of consuming CBD oil alone or struggle to take capsules each day, you might prefer to eat a tasty gummy instead. As they are often available in many flavors and shapes, they are a delicious treat you can enjoy on the go, such as on the commute to work or on your lunch break. It’s a fun way to consume CBD, as you could treat yourself to scrumptious gummies in the shape of bears, cherries, worms, strawberries, and more. 


Enhance your vaping experience with an e-liquid. You can choose from countless vaping flavors to suit your needs, and it will even come with the added benefit of CBD. For example, you could choose pink lemonade, watermelon, milkshake, or tutti frutti flavors, to name a few options. It might be a perfect option for vaping enthusiasts to consume CBD, as it might provide the best fit for their current lifestyle. 

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