Tips And Tricks For First Time Weed Smokers

Smoking cannabis for the first time can be exciting, scary, climatic, anti-climactic, and, most importantly, confusing. The only thing people will warn you about is the cough that follows your first hit – everything after that will be a unique experience!

Don’t expect yourself to have a seamless first experience. After all, nobody starts blowing O’s and holding bong rips from the get-go. It takes time, but as they say, you’ve got to start somewhere!

For some people, anxiety and paranoia will begin setting in before the first hit, only amplifying after the toke. However, you can make the experience easy for yourself by adhering to a few sensible tricks and tips.

Before we jump onto the handy tips, make sure you have your equipment ready. If you don’t, you can always buy the best weed smoking accessories online, or you can rush to your nearby dispensary and grab the essentials. You can even find weed for sale online depending on where you live.

Now that you’re ready, and want to know how to smoke cannabis for the first time, read this easy list of tips before you’re thrust into your first smoke session! 

Simple Tips And Tricks For First-Timers

One study showed around 44% of American adults have tried marijuana and you would be surprised to know the number is going up. 

As marijuana becomes mainstream and legalized in most states (about 64% of Americans have supported legalization), more and more adults are seeking ways to smoke their first joint. If you’re reading this blog, congratulations you’re one of them.

Our tips will not teach you how to smoke marijuana practically. Learning to buy, roll, and inhale is up to trial and error.

We will help you learn tricks that will make you comfortable during and after the process.

Control The Surroundings

Finding the proper setting for the sesh is important as it dictates how you fare with the other tips in this list. Find yourself a safe place where you can smoke weed without having to watch over your shoulders for the cops or your parents!

Sure, the views and ambiance can amplify your first-time experience. But you have got to bear in mind the local laws regarding cannabis.

Even certain sectors of the city can largely differ in regards to weed laws.  

Whatever location you decide for your first-ever puff, make sure it’s safe and secure. Keep your anxiety low and your brain high!

Don’t Forget To Breathe

It’s easy to say, but the key to having a comfortable first-time smoking experience is maintaining a consistent and regular breathing pattern.

There may be jitters before you start, but your breathing can only remain consistent if you calm yourself before the first puff.

Center your mind onto one thing you desperately mean to do: enjoying ganja like never before. For this, you need to ignore the myths and stereotypes about stoners that may be holding you back.

Before taking a puff, take control of your breathing and check-in with yourself right after the hit. The key is to remind yourself to continue regular breathing.

All in all, breathing is imperative for a sane, safe first-time experience. Take control of it and get yourself stoned! 

Use A Buddy System

Nothing is worse for first-timers than smoking alone. You don’t want this; trust us!

By no means are we insinuating that you need a babysitter; however, having a buddy within reach will keep you grounded and in touch with reality if the weed hits harder than expected.

Your friend could be a first-time smoker like yourself, or they could be your experienced mentor; either way, they will be equally helpful during the process.

Consequently, your first-time smoking buddy will help you explore uncharted territory as your experienced friend talks you through it. However, in any case, try not to have many strangers around you, making you feel uncomfortable and paranoid.

Have you thought about doing it with the family? After all, they are your best buddies.

Whatever you decide, make sure to think about the people you don’t want there. You don’t want your first-time getting high to be ruined by someone whose presence you can’t even stand when you’re sober! 

How To Smoke Cannabis First Time And Like It

Many weed connoisseurs will be more than happy to tell you stories of their first time. Keep in mind that some of the tales you may have heard are exaggerated because, well, it was their first time after all!

They will share their unending nightmares of anxiety, hallucination, getting busted, and eventually, attempt to put you off from your first-time smoking cannabis.

Remember, just because they had a bad experience doesn’t mean you will too! This is why first-timers need to be prepared before they take that first hit.

Therefore, dive right in and begin your journey by purchasing your weed smoking accessories online or from a nearby cannabis shop, whatever suits you most.

Once you have your gear, follow these simple tricks and tips in the order we’ve specified. And before you know it, you will be helping someone prepare for their first time smoking!

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