They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CLXXXIV

Medible review they said it on marijuana quotable saturday part

Cannabis laws

Republican Tom Garrett makes a great point here. Cannabis is an issue but it isn’t the biggest issue. The bigger issue is that the federal government’s cannabis prohibition restricts our personal and economic freedoms. What’s worse is that this prohibition is built on misunderstandings and longstanding bias, as well as ignorance regarding the increasing body of research on the benefits of cannabis. We’re not solely talking personal use, either. The federal government not only limits its citizens from being able to consume cannabis for any purpose, it also limits the types of enterprises into which its citizens can go and the economic benefits cannabis could provide to the country as a whole.

As we so often say on here, we do not care nearly as much about how someone personally feels about cannabis as we do about how they view whether others ought to be allowed to use cannabis free of government interference. There are plenty of people who do not believe cannabis is for them and yet believe it should be fully legal. We embrace those people because our goal is not to convince everyone that cannabis is great, but merely to convince just about everyone that those who seek to use cannabis should be allowed to do so legally and — even ideally — without stigma.

Plain and simple: prohibiting cannabis puts a limit on freedom. And that just isn’t okay. And this is true no matter how you feel about cannabis.

Do you agree?


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