Tangerine Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review

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Strain Overview

The Scoop: A predominantly Sativa strain that revs one’s mental engines, Tangerine Trainwreck combines a chunk of the Tangerine Haze gene pool with a slice of Nevil’s Wreck. A fruity go-getter for the artistically inclined, the strain instills a blissful mindset with her psychotropic compounds. Another therapeutic strain for America’s overly stressed population, Tangerine Trainwreck cleanses the psyche while soothing physical aches and pains.

The Result: A great flower for those looking for an invigorating daytime high, Tangerine Trainwreck is not a strain to trifle with at bedtime. Leaving you motivated and ready to create, consumers who light up Tangerine Trainwreck after the sun goes down face the very real possibility of riding this high-strung strain until the crack of dawn.

Tangerine Train wreck

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The Verdict: A mostly Sativa strain that will help you embrace all those silly little things you used to giggle about as a child, Tangerine Trainwreck is another scarce cut originally cultivated by the skillful horticulturists at Rare Dankness.


Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-dominant (80/20)

Also Known As: Tangerine Trainwreck Haze

Genetics: Tangerine Haze X Nevil’s Wreck



Origin: Colorado

How Stoned Will You Get: 6.5

Average THC: 19-21%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards:  Major cannabis cup award

Strain Profile

The Science: Tangerine Haze, a New York City Diesel x G-13 Haze, and Nevil’s Wreck, a cross of Arcata Trainwreck x Nevil’s Haze – share several noteworthy traits. Both Tangerine Haze and Nevil’s Wreck are Sativa-dominant strains. Unfortunately, while the scientific information for Tangerine Haze was relatively easy to track down, the cannabinoid and terpene profile for Tangerine Trainwreck, or Nevil’s Wreck, were seemingly nonexistent. That said, on the tangerine side of this strain’s potency profile, a lab test performed by MCR Labs indicates the tangie side of this cannabis equation had an approximate THC content of 16 percent and a total cannabinoid content of 18.2 percent.

Appearance: Tangerine Trainwreck is a tall, slender plant that grows up, up, and anyway. Rich, long green leaves sprout out from a winding column of big calyxes and pretty pistils. The buds tend to range from light green to orange while the pistils rusty orange and red. The underlying colors, combined with a sticky white trichrome blanket make the orange and reds stand out.

Consistency: Otherwise referred to as thesticky icky,” Tangerine Trainwreck’s buds are big, fat, and loaded with incredibly gooey trichomes. When purchasing at your local dispensary, shoppers can expect to find marble-sized buds that are semi-dense and spongy by nature. The overall texture of Tangerine Trainwreck is sticky and dense, but not a total rock.

Scent: Wow. Some fruity strains come up with a relatively subtle aroma and flavor profile. Tangerine Trainwreck, on the other hand, doesn’t play around. Upon opening the bag, you’ll immediately get the sense you’re walking through a grove of tangerine and citrus trees. Lingering subtly in the background are some of the sweet and sour haze scents, mixed in with the somewhat indescribable Trainwreck odor.

Taste: What you see is what you get with Tangerine Trainwreck. Or, should I say, what you smell is what you get. Your senses will work in harmony with this strain, as your taste buds affirm what your nose is telling them. Lovely tangerine and citrus notes mix with the earthy skunk you’ve grown accustomed to from just about every strain out there. It’s really a nice bouquet that will leave you, and your valentine, smiling.

Effect: Get your proverbial seat belt ready, because Tangerine Trainwreck will get your heart racing. The Sativa dominance shines through in its high, enveloping you in an uplifting and euphoric buzz akin to your morning cup of espresso. A great wake and bake strain, she’ll put a bounce in your step and some creativity in the thought process.

Strain Background: While Nevil’s Wreck was genetically engineered to modify your need for pharmaceutical assistance and Tangerine Haze will enlighten your olfactory glands – Tangerine Trainwreck does both. A rare cross with rare lineage, Rare Dankness did an outstanding job highlighting the best of each parent’s available phenotypes.

Medical Uses: Herbal medicine for the masses, Tangerine Trainwreck helps mitigate symptoms most often associated with depression, mental fatigue, muscle spasms, and nausea.

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