Sustainable DIY Life Hack: Hemp Twine Sustainable DIY life hack alert!!

Did you know that hemp twine is a versatile tool that can be used in your garden, kitchen, and even in clever craft projects at home? People often use synthetic twine made from plastic, but hemp twine is a sustainable alternative because it’s biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, & compostable! This durable, low-stretch natural twine is food-safe but should not be put into the oven.

Use hemp twine in your garden to tie plants to a support, use it to add a decorative touch to food packages in the kitchen, or learn to make hemp twine jewelry. Whatever you do, get creative and have a ball! A ball of hemp twine that is… Read on to learn more about why hemp twine is so great, and discover a few creative DIY project suggestions!

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Why is hemp twine so great?

Twine, by definition, is a strong thread with two or more strands of hemp, cotton, or nylon twisted together. The different kinds of twine are designed for various uses, and it often differs by material & strength. Some types of twine are well suited for cooking because they can resist heat, while others are more suited for decorating or embellishments.

Hemp twine can be used to replace bakers twine, often made of cotton or a polyester/cotton blend, and can be used to add a natural & chic decorative touch to packages, homemade goods, and crafts. It also has some practical uses, such as to tie plants to a support in your garden. Hemp twine is
great because it’s natural, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, and compostable! Although it has a low-stretch capability, it’s extremely durable. It’s food-safe, but should never be put into the oven as it is not intended for cooking.

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Hemp Twine in the Kitchen

Hemp twine is a versatile addition to any kitchen! It is ideal for tying or securing and can be used to add a natural flair to your homemade food projects & gifts. Tie off bags of candy or cookies, enhance your plating and table settings, or secure a cake box. The possibilities are endless! You can even tie it below the mouth of a mason jar to add a natural, vintage feel to your dishware. Adorn your packaged food goods and accomplish that shabby-chic vibe we all love so much!

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Hemp Twine Craft Projects & Embellishments

DIY projects aren’t for everyone, but if you’re into that sort of thing, hemp twine will be a wonderful addition to your crafting arsenal! Hemp twine is perfect for decoration and crafting purposes, and it adds a natural, rustic touch to any project. Use it to secure and embellish packages, gifts, and gift tags. Learn to make hemp twine jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and braided placemats and coasters. Beautify the pages of your scrapbook, or use it to secure the pages together to create a book. It looks wonderful as an embellishment, and can even be made into hair bows!

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Hemp Twine in the Garden

Hemp twine has many uses in your garden. It is natural yet strong, so it can hold plants securely in place. And it is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions! 100% hemp twine is beneficial for garden use because it is biodegradable, mildew resistant, and natural. So when you’re finished with it in the garden you can throw it into your compost pile, and it will
decompose with all the other plant matter. It is mildew resistant, meaning that you can tie up your precious plants without having to worry about mildew and fungus growing on the twine and infecting your plants.

Use hemp twine to tie plants to a support, create trellises for climbing plants, bundle fresh cut flowers, veggies or herbs, hang plants and other garden decorations like lanterns and wind chimes to create an outdoor sanctuary.

Fun Sustainable DIY Project to try!

Here are some simple instructions to a sustainable DIY hemp twine project created using A.LEAF’s new 100% recyclable packaging! Make sure to check out our CBD Tincture Oil Drops so you can try this yourself at home. Below are the steps to transform a simple box into a beautiful pen, makeup brush, Q-tip, or toothpick holder. This is a great DIY project to try with the kids, so take a photo of your finished project and share it with us on Instagram!


  1. Take out your new A.LEAF box & remove the product to expose just the green inner box.
  2. Begin applying hot glue to the box, starting at its base and moving upward. Remember that hot
    glue dries quickly so you will want to work in small increments.
  3. Once you’ve applied a few rows of hot glue, begin wrapping the twine around the box- starting
    from the bottom. Try to make it look as neat and orderly as possible.
  4. Repeat the process until you get to the top of the box.
  5. Enjoy your newly upgraded zero-waste pencil, makeup brush, or Q-tip holder!


Samantha Bohl 

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