Stratos, Creator of Premium Cannabis-Infused Products, Hires Quality and Compliance Director

Medible review stratos creator of premium cannabis infused products hires quality and compliance director
Medible review stratos creator of premium cannabis infused products hires quality and compliance director


Furthering a commitment to compliance and product excellence, Stratos adds team member focused on the development of meaningful industry standards

Pueblo, CO (February 12, 2018) — In an effort to further a commitment to compliance and providing premium cannabis products to medical and recreational consumers alike, Stratos has hired Amy Davison as the Director of Quality and Compliance.

In her role, Davison is responsible for continued compliance with industry-related rules and regulations set forth by the Marijuana Enforcement Division and the Department of Agriculture. She is also charged with developing internal procedures for sustaining and developing high-quality cannabis-infused products, and collaborating with other businesses and organizations for the development of meaningful industry standards.

Davison brings more than 15 years of quality and compliance experience in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries and has a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from East Texas Baptist University.


“As the industry continues to progress, we always strive to be ahead of the regulatory curve,” explains Charlotte Peyton, Stratos’ Vice President of Business Development. “Hiring a director of quality and compliance makes sense for us as a business and as a cannabis community partner seeking to make a beneficial impact on the industry.”

Davison is also excited to join Stratos and utilize her pharmaceutical knowledge on behalf of the cannabis industry.

“Though many pharmaceutical products are helpful and necessary, cannabis provides new opportunities for medical and recreational consumers alike,” explains Davison. “This universally relevant application can help many people, which is why the industry excites me.”



Stratos is the creator of a premium line of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-infused products. Using FDA guidelines for dosing accuracy, cleanliness and experience reproducibility, Stratos offers products that are consistent, reliable, and without unhealthy additives. For more information on Stratos products and dispensary availability, visit For press inquiries, contact Abby Hagstrom [email protected].

About Stratos

Stratos is a comprehensive line of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products that consistently provide users with specific desired effects. Through a discrete and dose-accurate tablet delivery method, the company is changing the way people consume cannabis-infused products. Stratos uses FDA guidelines for accuracy, reproducibility, and cleanliness, resulting in a pharmaceutical-grade product. On average Stratos’ products test within +/- 2 percent of dose reproducibility, going far beyond the state industry requirement of +/- 15 percent. With a combined 80 years of pharmaceutical knowledge and business experience, Stratos founders were previously formulating, developing and validating highly scheduled, DEA and FDA regulated medications. In 2014, they decided to translate that experience into the cannabis space and created a line of pharmaceutical-grade THC and CBD infused tablets that consumers could rely on for the same accuracy and reproducibility as many over the counter and prescription drugs. Follow Stratos on Instagram and Facebook and to learn more visit

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