Nova Scotia plans to sell recreational cannabis in government-run alcohol stores

The Nova Scotia government unveiled plans to sell recreational marijuana alongside alcohol in government-run stores, a move that essentially bars privately owned businesses from investing in retail opportunities.

The province proposed that marijuana be sold in existing Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. stores to consumers 19 or older.

Medible review nova scotia plans to sell recreational cannabis in government run alcohol storesThe plan appears to run counter to public opinion.

A survey of 31,000 people in Nova Scotia found that 56% agreed that recreational cannabis should be available in new stand-alone stores operated by the provincial government – as opposed to existing liquor retail outlets.

What you need to know:

  • The policy proposals will be put to a vote in Nova Scotia’s House of Assembly in early 2018.
  • Personal possession will be limited to 30 grams.
  • There will be a personal cultivation limit of up to four plants per household.
  • Nova Scotia’s market for recreational marijuana could be slightly higher than neighboring New Brunswick’s 120 million Canadian dollars ($85 million) annually.
  • The province is currently home to two licensed producers, Breathing Green Solutions and THC Inc. Both are privately held.
  • Neighboring Quebec and New Brunswick will also sell recreational marijuana in government stores, while Newfoundland is going with a private retail model.

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