Medical marijuana treatment for alcoholism?

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Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder is an unhealthy addiction to consuming alcohol, which has led many people to the road of self-destruction. When one gets addicted to alcohol they forget about every other life and alcohol becomes the only important thing in their life. What’s more unfortunate is that people get so addicted to alcohol that they can’t stop even when they know that it is causing harm to them and their social life. But can medical marijuana and MMJ card help with this problem? Let’s figure it out.

What causes alcoholism?

Alcohol consumption disorder is still a mystery. When you consume too much alcohol, your brain undergoes chemical changes that lead to alcohol consumption disorder. The pleasant feelings you experience after drinking alcohol are enhanced by these changes. Even though it harms you, this encourages you to want to consume more frequently.

What are the risk factors associated with it?

There are specific things you can do to lower your risk of getting it. Potential triggers of alcoholism include:

  • If you’re a man and consume over 15 drinks per week
  • If you’re a girl and consume more than12 drinks each week.
  • If you consume more than 5 drinks each day
  • If you are a parent with an addiction to alcohol or a mental illness like schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety
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How you can treat alcoholism with the help of marijuana?

There are many states where marijuana is legal after getting a marijuana recommendation from a doctor. Marijuana helps with addiction recovery programs and offers a new tool. Studies on marijuana in lab rats prove that it effectively cures opiate addiction. Furthermore, some who are receiving addiction treatment have used medical cannabis for alcoholism to successfully manage their alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

A 2009 study that was published in the Harm Reduction Journal showed that there was still success in the following categories:

  • Approximately 40% of people replaced their booze with cannabis.
  • About 26% replaced their illegal substances for the plant.
  • About 66 % chose marijuana instead of prescribed medications.

What does it signify for the patients struggling with alcoholism?

There is evidence that cannabis and alcoholism rehabilitation can aid in your recovery if you are a long-time alcoholic. A 2014 study in the Journal of Neuroscience demonstrated that cannabis can act as a neuroprotective shield. It suggested that using them in therapies may help avoid brain damage brought on by withdrawal.
Scientists have discovered that using marijuana under the supervision of an MJ doctor instead of alcohol can help you meet total abstinence and struggle less through your journey.

What are the side effects that medical marijuana helps to treat?

Your MJ doctor might prescribe you a medical card to help with several symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as:

  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Decreasing the desire for booze

Drinkers treat psychological problems like stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. by using alcohol. These types of emotional afflictions may be alleviated by the responsible use of marijuana. Without the risks of dependency and withdrawal associated with prescription medications, medical cannabis card, and alcohol.

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