Marijuana’s THC Has The Power To Fight Breast Cancer

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breast cancer
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Breast cancer patients come in all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicity. While each patient’s case and diagnosis is different from the next, researchers are coming to an agreement on the powerful remedy that is cannabis.

Researches from all over the world have been able to conclude the powerful effects of the cannabinoid Cannabidiol, or CBD, mainly citing its ability to inhibit the spread of tumors in breast cancer patients while exerting very low levelsl of toxicity. So while CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s more potent sister, THC, packs quite the punch and can be attributed to the “high” sensation one gets from consuming it. However, this punch proves to be a revolutionary remedy for breast cancer patients and there’s research to prove it.

In a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, research showed THC has can shrink cancerous tumors. In a study performed with tumor induced mice and using human breast cancer cells, the anti-tumor effects that were present, were attributed to the cell receptors in the body: CB2 and GPR55, also know has cannabinoid receptors. Some researches have referred to the pair as blood brothers. Others have noted that THC’s anti-tumor benefits are “mediated via the joint interaction” of these receptors.

Although co-author Dr. Peter McCormick who researched THC and breast cancer at the University of East Anglia in England blatantly said, “THC, the major active component of marijuana, has anti-cancer properties,” he suggest patients have it administered by a professional because of the side effects the drug has on cognition; i.e. being too baked to function. A regulated dose can curb these intoxicating side effects while still providing the necessary amount to result in tumor growth.


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