Marijuana And Music: 4 Ways Cannabis Makes Music Better

Medible review cannabis leaves

Marijuana And Music: 4 Ways Cannabis Makes Music Better

For decades music and marijuana have formed a connection for both the listeners and the composers. Whether you want to compose some new beats or are going to relax at home with your favorite album on, the combination of marijuana and music can be magical. And we are not just making this up; there is a decent amount of scientific evidence behind this theory. Anyone who has listened to music while consuming marijuana will tell you that it enhanced their experience and made it even more enjoyable. In this article, I have mentioned a few ways in which marijuana enhances your music experience and makes it more enjoyable; let’s have a look.

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It Lights Up Our Pleasure Center

One of the theories behind how marijuana makes music better is that the cannabinoids in the plant triggers the pleasure centers in our brain and makes them more active. When you are high, you change the way we listen to music. You are paying attention to every note and beat and are absorbing the music more. Also, you don’t have to consume marijuana with high THC either. You can use marijuana grown for CBD hemp seeds as it will help you achieve the same experience without the psychoactive properties. If you like to grow your marijuana, then you can browse this collection for CBD hemp seeds.

Attention to Detail

When you are on marijuana, you are more attentive towards the song. Cannabis activities our endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate our memory, appetite, pain, and mood. This makes you focus more on the song and listen to every word and note. It pushes you into a different mood, and you suddenly start to understand the lyrics of the songs that you only liked for a beat. If you don’t like a popular song, you should try listening to it while smoking marijuana. It can change the way you interpret the song completely.

Medible review cannabis leaves


Studies have shown that consuming marijuana can change a person’s sense of timing, and in most cases, it slows it down. You get to experience the world in a bit of slow-motion, and when you listen to melodies in such a state, it just hits you differently. This can really help some of the composers as it helps them go into more detail and create a melody that has layers to it.

Placebo Effect

If you don’t agree with any of the hypotheses mentioned above, then you will certainly have to side this one. Placebo effects say that we feel how we think we will feel. The placebo effect is so strong that there are placebo knee operations out there that help you feel better. So, if the placebo effect can heal you physically, then it should not be hard to believe that it makes the music better for you. If you believe that using marijuana can help you enhance your music listening or composing experience, then you are highly likely to feel better after using it.

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