Kannastor GR8TR V2 grinder w/ Stainless Easy Change Screen Review

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Kannastor GR8TR V2 grinder w/ Stainless Easy Change Screen


Build Material


Build Quality


Ease of cleaning


The Grind





  • Modular Awesomeness
  • Heavy Duty, deep chamber
  • Grinding Perfection!
  • Doubles as a storage container


  • Fine grind plate requires more frequent cleaning

Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder Review

The evolution of the Grinder

Today there are probably just as many grinders available as there are Cannabis strains to grind. From plastic and wood to aluminum and titanium, grinders come in many different materials. All grinders perform the same function; reducing your cannabis to smaller pieces to provide more surface area exposure.

The Kannastör GR8Tr V2

All grinders naturally share a single problem: they only produce a single grind size. A chunkier consistency may be great for rolling but many vaporizers work best with a much finer grind. The GR8TR® V2 from Kannastör has solved this matter by creating the first grinder with interchangeable plates allowing for both a medium and fine grind to be achieved with the same grinder!

Modular Perfection

The GR8TR® V2 is an elegant 8-piece modular design carved from solid aluminum for extreme durability. The individual pieces can be combined in different ways to suit your grinding or storage needs. The GR8TR V2 easily converts to a 2-piece storage puck for carrying your pre-ground herbs, a 3-piece non-sifter, or the full 8-piece experience! As a bonus the top lid has storage space for your whole buds, so you can always keep a little extra handy.

The Greatest feature of the GR8TR V2 is its 2 interchangeable grating disks. The medium disk produces a fluffy grind perfect for rolling or the bong. The fine disk makes the most amazing fluffy green snow you could ever ask for! That flawless fluff is the perfect vaporizer food! The razor-sharp Micro Teeth make quick work of anything you can fit in its deep grinding chamber.

One Smooth Operator

Special anti-friction & anti-residue rings help keep the grinder turning smoothly and easily without any binding. The 60 mesh Stainless Steel Screen does a quick job of filling the kief bin, and finer Easy Change screen sizes are available. The lid of the GR8TR V2 is held firmly in place by a magnetic connection. With all 8 pieces together, the Kannastor GR8TR V2 is 3.2” tall and 2.2” in diameter. Just to pile on more greatness, the GR8TR V2 also comes with a lifetime warranty!

The Bottom Line

This is one of those no brainer purchases if you both use a vaporizer and smoke. If all you do is vaporize, this is still the grinder you need! The fine grating plate produces the most unbelievably light & fluffy material that will totally maximize the performance of your vaporizer. The GR8TR V2 also doubles as a storage container and the included screen is a great kief sifter.

The downside of the smaller holes in the fine plate is that they do have a higher tendency to clog due to their diminutive size. Luckily, I have discovered the best cleaning tool available for unplugging these holes: the standard round wooden toothpick pokes those holes clean in seconds. Is this an extra cleaning step? Yes, but in my opinion the end-product is well worth it.

The design is very solid, and odds are you will never have to use the lifetime warranty, but it sure is nice to have just in case. While not the cheapest grinder, the results of your very first grind will have you totally justifying the higher price tag! Considering the modular versatility of the GR8TR V2, you are really getting 2 or 3 different products in one! The Kannastor GR8TR V2 one of the greatest grinders available and definitely deserves a spot in your collection.

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