How Marijuana’s THCa Can Effectively Treat Your Worst Pain

Medible review how marijuanas thca can effectively treat your worst pain

Following is a conversation with Erin Green of Edibles by E regarding her unique edibles made with THCa.

First off, what prompted you to try CBD tinctures?
In December 2015, I underwent a back surgery and by March 2016, I was diagnosed with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. Doctors prescribed the usual opiates for my symptoms: Norco, Percocet, and a few others. Then the memories of people in my life and the memories of their heartbreaking battles with opiate addiction came crashing down on me. A friend suggested that I use a CBD tincture to try and relieve my pain and hopefully replace the opiates. The CBD tincture that I ended up with was not the most palatable concoction but when is medicine supposed to be enjoyable?

Why did you switch to using THC?
I heard it was good for sleep. Fibromyalgia is notorious for insomnia and I’m no exception. And the THC worked. It got me to a place I could stop taking Ambien. And it was helping with my pain and it lessened the symptoms but I felt chronically high which I don’t want on a daily basis. I want to be a productive person and relate to other people and being high every day wasn’t making that very easy for me.

Medible review edibles

Photos courtesy of Edibles by E

I decided to not decarboxylate the THC first and just use the cannabis as is and without heat. I read that the psychoactive effects aren’t active unless heat is applied or unless you decarboxylate the cannabis first. Turned out that I still got relief from the cannabis without feeling the psychoactive effects. I later learned this is the cannabinoid called THCa.

How do you use THCa to treat your pain?
I use THCa during the day to help relieve my symptoms and my pain without being high. I use THC at night to also relieve pain and to help with sleep. Both cannabinoids have properties that are medically beneficial. Through my research though I do believe that THCa is a more powerful anti-inflammatory.

Surprisingly THCA is one of the stronger cannabinoids, for reasons I have yet to figure out, CBD is the only non-psychoactive cannabinoids marketed by the cannabis industry.  This is basically the reason Edibles by E was created. It felt like it was my duty to see to it that THCa was offered to people like me so at least they have this choice. It didn’t feel right to keep this information to myself.

Explain the products that you offer.
Some of our edibles come in both cannabinoids and are  low dose, allowing patients to accurately dose with the option of a psychoactive or non-psychoactive medication. We offer delicious truffle cakes in double chocolate or lemon chiffon, we created the Honey Shot which is cannabis infused flavored honey in a pipette (tube with a plunger) so you can get every drop plus a pipette cap in case you want to wait and save it for later. We also have our green apple and spearmint sublingual mints. Sublingual is a melt in your mouth delivery system so the effects are quicker than the ordinary edible that gets processed through the stomach and liver. These mints or lozenges are lower dosed and great for microdosing and for those new to cannabis.

Medible review edibles2

Photos courtesy of Edibles by E

The most recent product we have out on the market is the ready to go easy vape. This is intended for people who are curious about vaping and also for those older people like my 70-year-old aunt who was letting her three grandchildren’s life choices stress her out so bad I couldn’t take it. I introduced her to our stylish and easy to use vape pen and she’s doing great now. She self medicates and doesn’t have to charge it or worry about a button to push or a cartridge to buy and it’s just classy enough that she called and asked me for one for her friend.

What are your future plans?
Terpenes have been my latest research project. They are what gives most natural elements the smells you’re used to like lavender and lemons and cloves. If you squeeze the leaves of the pine tree and you got a drop of liquid this would be a terpene. Along with aroma, terpenes also give you taste and when it comes to cannabis the terpenes combined with THC can offer certain medicinal benefits as well.  Our next product will be our new vape pen “Fullfilled.”  This will be ready to  and easy to use just like our current vape pen however instead of reintroducing terpenes to create the original strain of the cannabis oil we will add nine particular terpenes that we researched to create a perfect blended formula to give you the best flavors and aromas and to also work with the oil to add terrific medicinal  benefits.

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