How Do I Store My CBD Products?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming increasingly commonplace. These products used to be exclusively carried by dedicated cannabis shops but now can be found in mainstream retail outlets like groceries and supermarkets.

To date, CBD can be found infused in carrier oils, gummies, topical lotions, and much more. This influx of consumer CBD products has led to wider acceptance of cannabis but has also raised practical concerns like how to store CBD oil.

How Long Can I Store CBD Oil?

Proper storage of CBD extends its freshness for 12 to 24 months without losing its potency. Its actual lifespan will vary depending on the extraction method, manufacturing process, and other ingredients in the carrier liquid.

But by far, how to store CBD properly is the number one factor in how long your CBD extract will last.

How to Store CBD Oil

By following a few simple best practices, you can maximize the therapeutic effects of your cannabidiol. There are three main factors that can speed up the shelf life of CBD, namely heat, light, and oxygen.

You can mitigate most of these effects by controlling the environment of wherever you keep your CBD.

Does CBD degrade with heat?

Yes, extended exposure to heat degrades your CBD 101. Make sure you take into consideration any heat-producing appliances nearby like ovens, heaters, and even the refrigerator as these are prime sources of heat damage.

It is not necessary to refrigerate your CBD. However, for people who live in hot and humid climates, keeping CBD in the refrigerator would be a good option. Take note that storing your CBD in the fridge will likely thicken your CBD oil.

When this happens, simply run the bottle through some warm or hot water and it should be ready for consumption shortly.

Also, take care to not leave your CBD in the car. The temperature in your vehicle can shoot up and fast track the degradation of your CBD.

Does light degrade CBD?

Yes, CBD is sensitive to light. Make sure you do not leave any CBD products under direct sunlight for extended periods of time, such as beside windows.

Reducing light damage is the reason most CBD oil for pain is packaged in opaque dropper bottles.

For this reason, CBD packaged in clear fancy packaging may actually speed up its expiration date. These bottles may look attractive but they are generally less effective in preserving your bottle of CBD oil.

Medible review CBD iol in bottles

What does air exposure mean?

CBD oil products usually come in airtight containers to prevent the premature breakdown of cannabinoids due to air exposure.

Oxidative stress is what you call the process where oxygen exposure slowly changes the chemical composition of CBD products.

CBD oil that has been left to air out for a prolonged time reduces its potency and the overall quality of the products.

How to Store CBD Once Open?

Most CBD products from major brands have an expiration date of one or two years if refrigerated.

At room temperature, you can still expect a shelf life of one year when stored away from light, heat, and humidity.

How Can I Know If CBD Oil Has Gone Bad

In most cases, CBD oil and other similar types of products are used up way before the posted expiration date. However, it is always good to know the signs that CBD has gone bad. Generally speaking, CBD has an aromatic flowery or herbal smell.

CBD could also smell like olive oil, hemp seed oil, and other essential oils that may be added to it. However, once CBD oil has gone bad, it will have an unmistakably rancid smell.

CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Authority and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure any medical condition, symptom, and illness. CBD is to be taken as a supplement only and is not rated to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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