Here’s why more people than ever are choosing to vape their cannabis 

photography of a man using vape

We all know plenty of “reformed smokers” who have switched to vaping. The general consensus is that it is less harmful to the health, and it also has peripheral benefits. For example, vaping doesn’t make your clothes smell, and it doesn’t stain your fingers. Most people also find it is less expensive than smoking.  

Many of these arguments also hold true for cannabis users. Now those who consume weed, either recreationally or for medical reasons, have always had the choice of smoking lighting up a joint or consuming edibles. But just like the cigarette smokers nicotine addicts, many have made the switch to cannabis vapes over the past couple of years. Here’s why. 

Vaping is more discreet 

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be subtle about lighting up a joint, and even now, when so many places have legalized it, you’re unlikely to do so in polite company. Today’s vaporizers, especially products like the ccell, are little larger than a USB stick. You can keep it in your pocket or even wear it on a chain around your neck, and people will scarcely even notice  when you take a little hit.  

Vaping is more efficient 

A pod or cartridge vape takes THC oil, vaporizes is and you inhale it directly to the bloodstream. The effect is almost instantaneous. Compare that with edibles, where the cannabis has to pass through the digestive system first, and the advantage is obvious. It also makes dosing easier when you are not trying to take a delayed reaction into account.  

Vaping is better for the health 

Some might say this is controversial, as there have been health scares related to vapes. However, these generally stem from additives in low quality vape juice. When you compare vaping to smoking, a vape is less harmful as you are not inhaling the compounds created by combustion. That holds as true for vaping cannabis as it does for tobacco. In short, it would be wrong to say that vaping is healthy, but there is broad agreement that it is less harmful than the conventional alternative. 

Vaping delivers a superior experience 

Whether you use a dry herb vaporizer or a pod to vape THC oil, vaping provides a smoother, cleaner and more intense high than you will experience with a joint. You really get to appreciate the different flavors of the terpenes and cannabinoids, and will find it easier to differentiate between strains and to choose your favorites.  

What about the cons? 

Clearly, there are plenty of pros to vaping weed. But what about cons? A vape needs maintenance, you will have to keep it clean or you will lose all those benefits. However, unless you choose the dry herb variety, cleaning and maintenance takes a matter of seconds. Also, some people feel the flavor is a little “too” pure and prefer the taste of cannabis smoke, and they enjoy the ritual of grinding their weed and rolling their joint.  

On the whole, however, vaping has more pros and cons. It’s no surprise that so many are giving it a try and that a large proportion never look back.  

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