From Hand-Rolled to High-Tech: The Future of Pre Roll Production with Pre Roll Machines

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Did you know that the history of pre rolled papers (leaf wrappers) dates back to the 16th century? It was around this time that the tobacco trade was introduced to the West. Fast-forward to the 1700s, the world saw its first-ever pre rolled paper company called Pay-Pay.

It was not until 1856 that hand-rolled cones came into existence. What initially started out as the basis for the medical industry was gradually adopted by the cannabis and smoking sectors. If we skip all the way to the contemporary world, machine-produced pre rolled cones dominate the current market.

The papers are not only of the finest quality but also clean, unbleached, and additive-free. That’s a far cry from Napoleon’s lead-laced papers! Now what does the future of pre roll production hold? Let’s delve deeper into it.

Pre Roll Machines 101

Pre roll machines are not new; they have been around for some time. However, it is only recently that they’ve become a standard in the business world.

These automated machines are primarily used to fill in pre rolled cones (something which was originally done manually). With the machine, no manual labor is needed. Usually, the machine is designed with two slots – one for the cones and the other for the herbs or filling.

Once the respective slots are filled, the machine uses gravity and vibrational energy to navigate the filling into the cones. These machines are capable of filling hundreds of cones a minute. For instance – Custom Cones USA’s pre roll machines are able to fill 169 cones per minute. With cone packaging, grinding, and pre roll machines, the company acts as a single-stop shop to establish a pre roll business.

Benefits of Automated Pre Roll Machines 

How are automated pre roll machines benefitting the cannabis and tobacco industry? Listed below are some of the top advantages –

1.      Quick and Easy Rolling

An automated pre roll machine makes the process faster and more convenient. This is because the papers are pre-cut. Some even come with filter tips for time-saving purposes.

The holding capacity of these cones would depend upon the texture and density of the filling.

2.      No Air Gaps

No matter the finesse, manual labor can never match machines in terms of precision and uniformity.

Pre roll machines fill cones evenly, leaving behind no air gaps. This facilitates even burning without canoeing.

3.      Top-Quality Joints

Rolling mats are not as efficient when it comes to creating good-quality joints. Since pre roll machines evenly roll the joints, they are more satisfying.

Even a beginner is able to enjoy quality joints.

4.      No Shoddiness

Another benefit of automated pre roll machines is that they create uniform cones. As a result, the flavor is equally distributed. There is no change in taste and hence, no shoddiness.

Moreover, the machine can work end-to-end, from grinding the filling to attaching labels on the rolls.

5.      Cost Reduction

Automated pre rolls reduce labor costs because hardly any is needed. With hundreds of rolls ready in a minute, you can scale your business in no time.

While the machine works hard on the cones, your employees get to focus on more important tasks, such as customer service.

Latest Innovations in the Pre Roll Space: Features and Beyond 

While these machines have been here for quite some time, the innovations in the pre roll space are plenty. This goes to show how far technology has come, just within a span of a few years. Let’s look at the newest innovations driving the industry at a futuristic pace –

  1. Channel Configurations 

The latest pre roll machine models are able to accommodate a business’ expansion needs. Meaning you can begin with a one-channel model when your business is small. This will help you fill around 2000 to 4000 cones in an eight-hour session.

As your business needs grow, the configuration can be set up to an eight-channel model. This automatically increases your cone-filling capacity by a whopping eight times! 

  1. The Cone Open Camera Vision 

Several new pre roll models come with a cone camera detection setup. This setup can be pre-installed to develop unlimited recipes. This feature is a part of the pre roll model’s HMI.

As a result, you get highly customizable cone-filling options. For instance – you may choose to twist and trim the cones, simply twist them, or crown the pre rolls once they’re filled. The real-time reporting feature is how you get to monitor the entire process without unnecessary manual labor. 

  1. The Independent Weighing System 

Another terrific innovation in the cone-filling space is the maintenance of precision standards. This is achieved through the inline design, which comes with a holly roller. 

The roller features a fill-up station. The former lifts up each cone after being filled, puts it through the weighing system to maintain accurate weight, and then sends it forward. In case of weight discrepancies, the cone is automatically passed to a separate rejection station for recycling. 

Types of Available Pre Roll Machines

According to Gallup, there has been a 5% increase in the number of young adults smoking cannabis since 2018. As cannabis becomes legal in more US states, these numbers will likely increase. So if you’re planning your pre roll business, now is the time to equip it with the best-automated support!

The following types of pre roll machines are generally available –

  • Small Pre Roll Machines

These pre roll machines are most suitable for in-home usage. They are designed for regular cannabis consumers who want to save time rolling joints.

These machines are also preferred among cannabis connoisseur circles for their uniformity and consistency.

  • Compact Pre Roll Machines

These machines are a step above the small ones. They are normally used in modest cannabis facilities.

These include larger facilities looking for boutique lines as well as smaller dispensaries that create their own joints.

  • High-Capacity Pre Roll Machines

These machines are designed to work at high capacity. Meaning they can roll hundreds or thousands of joints in a session.

These machines are ideal for large-scale business needs. They are usually used by larger cannabis producers in lucrative locations.

The Art of Mastering Mass Production

The pre roll industry has come a long way since its inception. What was done manually is now automated to be done within minutes. Automation is here, and automation will stay, driving the industry in a whole new direction.

Through automation, you can create rolls faster and more quickly and keep them ready on the go. After all, what more is needed than to create a self-sustaining cycle that supplies your customers’ needs? Just ensure you choose a reliable machine and roll supplier, and you’re good to go!

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