Colorado marijuana edibles maker Wana Brands expands into Arizona

As the first step of a plan to expand into six marijuana states in 2018, edibles maker Wana Brands has established a presence in Arizona.

According to a news release, the Colorado company’s gummies are now available in medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state.

In the coming year, Wana Brands plans to sell products in Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California as well as Canada.


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Wana Brands’ edibles were already available in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon, highlighting the fact cannabis is becoming more than a single-state industry.

The edibles maker’s announcement comes after two other prominent infused-products companies – Colorado’s Dixie Brands and California’s Bhang Chocolate – announced in late 2017 they would be leaving the Arizona market.


Dixie said its exit from Arizona would be temporary while it reevaluated market strategy and partnerships.

Bhang also called its departure from Arizona a short-term move. The company lost its local licensee and couldn’t produce or distribute products in the state.


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