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Our cannabis business lawyers are always getting emails from blog readers asking them where they can be found on social media. This post is our response to all those emails and to let everyone else know that if you cannot get enough of Canna Law Blog, you can find more of us in the following places:

Facebook. We have an exceedingly popular and perpetually growing Facebook page here with more than 180,000 likes/followers. We use that site to disseminate information and to initiate discussion on a wide range of uber-topical cannabis issues. That site is meant to be a less serious than this one and the range of cannabis topics we address there is considerably wider than here. We allow for a wide range of views on our Facebook page and we delete only those comments hateful of others or that involve anyone trying to sell anything.

Twitter/Publications.  Our blog and a number of our cannabis lawyers have the following twitter accounts, with posting frequencies all over the map:

  1. @cannalawblog We use this account to tweet 2-4 times a day, mostly on important cannabis issues of general interest. This is a go-to account for current events.
  2. @cannabizlawyer. This is Hilary Bricken’s account. Hilary tweets pretty regularly and as head of our Los Angeles cannabis practice, many of her tweets have a California/Los Angeles flavor. Hilary also authors a once-a-week column for Above the Law on all things cannabis law and policy across the United States. Hilary also writes the occasional piece for Culture Magazine, too.
  3. @vince-sliwoski. This is Vince Sliwoski’s account. Vince heads up our Portland cannabis business practice and he tweets regularly on general interest and Oregon cannabis issues. Vince also writes a bi-weekly column for the Portland Mercury called Ask a Pot Lawyer, which is syndicated in the Seattle Stranger.
  4. @alison-malsbury. This is Alison Malsbury’s account. Alison focuses on cannabis intellectual property law and she splits her time between our Seattle and our San Francisco offices (with a bit of Los Angeles also). Her tweets reflect this, as they usually are on California or Washington or IP issues.
  5. @dshortt90. This is Daniel Shortt’s account. Daniel is based in Seattle and he tweets regularly about general interest and Washington State cannabis issues. Daniel Shortt also frequently contributes to The Fresh Toast, writing about cannabis legal issues.
  6. @jghunthb. This is Jim Hunt’s account. Jim focuses on federal and state taxation as they relate to cannabis businesses and his posts often relate to cannabis taxation issues.
  7. Will Patterson. This is Will Patterson’s account. Will is an attorney in our Portland office and he too writes bi-weekly for the Portland Mercury’s Ask a Pot Lawyer column, which is syndicated in the Seattle Stranger.
  8. @Hbentaleb09. This is Habib Bentalab’s account. Habib is a business and regulatory attorney in our San Francisco’s office. Habib is one of the most up to date people on the constantly evolving city and local laws throughout California.

The rest of our cannabis lawyers either do not post on cannabis for social media, or post so seldom as to not be worthy of mention above, at least not yet.

Please follow us and enjoy!

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