British Columbia towns, retailers prepping for recreational marijuana launch

British Columbia won’t unveil its marijuana retail model until February, but that isn’t stopping municipalities from developing licensing policies in their jurisdictions, according to Business in Vancouver.

Vancouver is already home to more than 120 medical marijuana dispensaries – about one-third of which have been licensed by the city – while the provincial capital, Victoria, is home to another 30.

Medible review british columbia towns retailers prepping for recreational marijuana launchThe thriving gray market, along with positive indications the province will allow private recreational retail, has resulted in a spike in interest among potential retail entrepreneurs, Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada President Ian Dawkins told Marijuana Business Daily.

In 2015, Vancouver was the first city to grant licenses to illegal marijuana dispensaries.

Victoria launched a crackdown on illegal dispensaries last week, CTV News reported.

Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick are going with publicly owned marijuana monopolies, while Manitoba, Alberta and Newfoundland are handing marijuana sales to the private sector.

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