10 High-CBD Strains Perfect For Sharing With Grandma And Grandpa

Medible review 10 high cbd strains perfect for sharing with grandma and grandpa

There have been a number of scientific studies to surface over the past few years suggesting that medical marijuana may be the safest and most effective medicine for senior citizens. A large percentage of the golden generation suffers from common conditions including arthritis, chronic pain and even glaucoma. But many traditional treatments, which often include the use of dangerous prescription drugs, can bring about unsettling side effects.

Marijuana, especially those strains high in cannabidiol (CBD), has shown promise in calming the symptoms of these conditions without producing intense stoned effects. It is for this reason that we believe grandma and grandpa will completely flip their script over these 10 high CBD strains.


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Don’t let the name fool you. AC/DC is a CBD-dominant hybrid that has an extremely low THC content. Although this strain will not get the user stoned, it has a wealth of health benefits. A patient with chronic pain or epilepsy might benefit the most.


Some strain names are a bit deceiving. Cannatonic, which contains only traces of THC, is a prime example. It has a mild, relaxing effect that still promotes an energetic and focused mind. This is a nice daily medical marijuana strain for patients with pain issues.

Critical Mass

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Critical Mass is a great nighttime strain. It is a high-CBD indica that is known for its ability to sooth the soul and alleviate pain. It does have a decent amount of THC, so it can also bring about some nice dreams. This makes it a preferred strain for treating sleep disorders.


Looking for something to target anxiety or chronic pain without the stoned effects? Harle-Tsu is a good choice. It is a CBD-dominant strain that keeps the user’s head clear. It comes with a relaxed feeling without weighing down the body. Seniors looking for the therapeutic benefits of a strain without feeling medicated, this one is for you.


Harlequin is one of the most popular strains on the medical marijuana market. It is a Sativa, which produces a calm, uplifting effect that does not prevent the user from completing the tasks of the day. It’s perfect for the active senior.


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This is IT! No, not the frightening clown. Pennywise is a versatile strain. Although high in CBD, it also contains around 15 percent THC. It produces a unique, mild high that most patients like because of its lack of intensity. It is great for a multitude of health conditions including anxiety and cancer pain. Some people even like this one as a recreational strain.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is a solid everyday medical marijuana strain for seniors. It is super mild, while still producing energizing effects. It is good in the treatment of arthritis and a variety of pain conditions.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Stephen Hawking Kush is a high CBD Indica that is known for its low-key effects. It is a popular strain for patients with severe conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, as it is good for muscle spasms and inflammatory pain. What makes the strain a favorite is it still allows the patient to function throughout the day without feeling too bogged down.

Sweet and Sour Widow

Sweet and Sour Widow is the best of both worlds. It initially produces a slight euphoric effect, while gradually moving into a more relaxing state. Its great for chronic stress, fatigue and pain.

Valentine X

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Valentine X is a high CBD strain that still has a decent level of THC. It is popular among cancer and epilepsy patients. It is also a nice strain for the senior experiencing chronic pain.

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