Tiny but Powerful: The New Rosineer PRESSO Rosin Press Review

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Rosineer PRESSO Rosin Press




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  • Nice and compact size
  • Inexpensive
  • Heats quickly
  • Great for personal use


  • Base also gets pretty warm

Rosin, an extract made with devices like the Rosineer PRESSO, is a fairly new addition to the world of cannabis concentrates. Rosin is a completely solventless extract that is made with nothing more than heat and pressure. How exactly does this work? Well, a device called a Rosin Press is the most popular way to produce this pure cannabinoid extract.

While some people attempt to use hair straighteners and flat irons, these devices are not quite up to par with the results that a rosin press can produce. They lack the most important features that a rosin press has: temperature and pressure control.

The Process

Rosin presses operate by means of 2 metal plates that are heated to a precise temperature depending on the results you wish to obtain. Your flower is placed between these plates, usually on a sheet of parchment paper, and then compressed with tons of force.

This process heats the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant waxes which are then forced out of the flower. The cool thing is that you are not just limited to using flower in your press, you can use kief hash or dry-sift.

The Results

The subsequent goo that flows from the bud is known as rosin. This solventless extract typically ranges from 60-80% cannabinoids making it quite potent.  Using different pressures and temperatures can produce different results, from a clear, shatter-like syrup to a smoother, more buttery consistency.

The resulting leftover flower is flat as a pancake. It still contains some cannabinoids, so don’t throw it away! You can either repress at a higher temperature and extract a bit more, or you can use those pucks for making edibles. Just throw them into your favorite grinder!

So now that you know about the process, how do you choose what kind or press to use? Hopefully this review will help you decide.

Rosineer presso review
Rosineer PRESSO in Yellow

The Rosineer PRESSO Rosin Press review

There are tons of rosin press manufacturer’s out there, but our favorite entry level press is the Rosineer PRESSO. It has the perfect balance between ease of use and features that most home pressers find to be ideal. The Rosineer PRESSO rosin extraction press makes it easy to press rosin in the comfort of your home. Just set up your temperature and time on the digital control panel, load your herbs, and press away!

This stylish appliance in a variety of colors features 2″ x 3″ solid aluminum insulated plates with two quickly heating elements, convenient lever mechanism, and removable dust cover. It is a manually operated press that uses a large lever to create over 1500lbs. of pressure. This is plenty of squeezing power for most people. If you desire more, Rosineer has presses that can generate over 8000lbs!

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The press machine comes with a user’s guide, AC power cord, and a free starter kit that contains a non-stick silicone mat, 3 ml lidded jar, two collection tools, a pack of parchment paper sheets, and four magnets.

They also offer a fantastic accessory bundle that includes a cylinder hammer style pre-press, 2″ x 3″ various mesh size filter bags, 10″ x 7″ pre-cut parchment paper sheets, a dabbing and cleaning tool box kit, and four press magnet pins. No matter if you buy it solo or in the bundle, the Rosineer PRESSO is available in 4 colors: White, Yellow, Red, and Green.

Rosineer presso review
Rosineer PRESSO Pressure Adjusting Knob

Using the PRESSO Rosin Press

The Rosineer PRESSO is super easy to use. First you set the desired temperature that you wish to press with. You can do a low temperature “Cold Press” for a longer period which will give you a delicious, terpene rich end product but with a lower yield, or a short, high temp squeeze for maximum extraction.

Once you set your temperature and the desired time for which you want to press, then its time to prep your flower. If you have a pre-press, like the one available in the accessory bundle, you can flatten your flower before pressing. This will help maximize your pressing session. If not, simply place your buds (about 4g is the max per run) between a folded sheet of parchment paper.

In addition to using parchment paper, you can also use a micro mesh filter bag. Micro mesh bags help to filter out small particles from entering into your concentrate.  Whether or not to use a bag is up to you.

Rosineer presso review
Rosineer 1.5 inch Pre-Press Mold

Ready, Set, Go!

You also have the option to pre-press your buds using the optional Rosineer Pre-Press Mold. Using a pre-press mold improves yield and reduces chances of filter bag blowouts by compacting your flowers first into a more appropriately sized puck that will more evenly be squished in the PRESSO.

The Rosineer has the ability to heat up to a scorching 302 Degrees F. Lower temps with long press times will produce a delicious, super-terpy rosin with the tradeoff being a lower yield.

Conversely, a high temp squish will produce much more resin, but the quality of the final product will suffer. Which you decide to choose is up to you and your personal preference. I suggest trying many different settings in order to come up with what works best for your liking.

Rosineer presso review
Rosineer PRESSO Control Panel

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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

To set the temperature, you use the controls located on top of the unit. There are 4 buttons: The 1st and 3rd are for up/down temperature adjustments with the 2nd button being the toggle between the timer, upper and lower plates. The big red button is to start the timer. You can read more about different time and temperature combinations by looking here.

Once the Rosineer PRESSO reaches the set temperature, place your parchment paper encased flower in between the 2 plates and pull down the handle until it locks. You can set the distance between the plates with the large, knurled nut above the top plate. This is helpful if you are squishing massive buds.

Do a practice run first to determine whether or not your nut is too tight. If this occurs, your lever will not lock into place.

Rosineer presso review
Cannabis Rosin on Parchment Paper

You’ve Struck Oil!

Use the included magnets to hold the parchment paper to the top plate in order to keep it out of the way. Watch the gap between the plates and you will soon see the rosin begin to seep out. Depending on the temperature you chose and the time you press, there could be a little or a lot.

Once the timer starts beeping, you are finished! You have to hit the big red timer button again to shutoff the alarm. Personally, I would like to see this alarm shut off by itself after maybe 7-8 beeps, but I understand why they chose it to make you manually stop it.

A word of Caution

These plates can get hot, as in burn the fuck out of yourself hot. Use an abundance of caution when placing your flower on them, and use extra caution if trying to adjust the knurled nut. It is much better to do the latter when cold, but the situation will arise when you need to do it hot. Just be careful.

The base of the unit gets pretty warm as well. It’s not insta-burn hot, but definitely keep it in mind. Don’t set the PRESSO on any surface that could be easily damage by heat or cause a fire.

Also, I shouldn’t have to mention this, but I must: Don’t close the press on your fingers! This can all but guarantee a quick trip to the ER. Nothing like having a crushed finger that is also fried like bacon! Please, again, use caution when operating this machine. If you are totally baked, maybe this is not the best time to press flowers.

Rosineer presso review
Rosineer PRESSO Personal Rosin Press


The Rosineer is the prefect press for a beginner or for anyone who wants a nicely portable press. The Rosineer PRESSO measures only 11.8 x 5.3 x 10.8 inches and weighs in at a petite 13lbs. The built-in carrying handle is a feature that you will also appreciate. It is backed by a 2 year warranty.

The press heats up super-fast; you don’t have to worry about being there forever. You can also change the temperature of the plates independently. (Not sure exactly why you would need to do different plate temps, perhaps someone could explain the logic in the comments.)

The handle is deceptively easy to pull down to lock, it doesn’t actually take 1500lbs of pressure. The least muscularly inclined will still be able to operate this press without issue. If you need more pressure, check out the Rosineer AUTO 4-ton automatic rosin press.

I highly recommend that if you are looking to buy your first rosin press, the PRESSO by Rosineer should be Number 1 on your short list. It is very affordably priced and really does a great job of converting your flower to rosin.

Rosineer PRESSO Red
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