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Are there dangerous heavy metals in your weed?

The marijuana plant is an amazing plant, full of healing cannabinoids that are still being discovered.
It can be used for phytoremediation, where the plant literally draws in heavy metal contaminants out of the soil, up through the roots, and into the stalks and buds. Tomatoes and some species of geraniums do this too….

Colorado’s marijuana businesses can remain open during pandemic, but they say they’re still struggling

Despite brief, panic-induced surges in business, many contend the cannabis industry is still struggling as Coloradans stay home and job losses mount in a crashing economy.
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FDA Says No, CBD Does Not Cure COVID-19

The FDA sent a warning letter to former NFL player Kyle Turley’s CBD brand for making unsubstantiated health claims that CBD can cure COVID-19. Even after the warning letter, Turley is still on social media claiming CBD can cure COVID-19.
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(L)Earning from Failure

Failure, the learning experience and the subsequent rapid innovation can often be a blessing in disguise. See how failure helped Dr. Roggen and Soheil Nasseri turn their research into something productive.
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The Colorado Cannabis Industry Is Helping Restaurant Workers

Over the years, the relationship between the cannabis industry and the restaurant industry has been a tumultuous one, to say the least. I was living in Colorado right after legalization and remember having conversations with restaurant industry friends about how all of the new positions opening up in the cannabis industry were…

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