Colorado’s bold new medical marijuana law for students

In Colorado, House Bill 1286 was signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper, allowing school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students with a medical marijuana card if their parents have a written agreement with the principal. According to The Denver Post Hickenlooper agreed to sign the bill because medical marijuana would not “end up in the hands of other students.” He had spoken to parents and children who receive medical marijuana and found their “reasoning and advocacy very compelling.”

Under the law, parents have to deliver the non-smokable marijuana to the school, wherein it is secured in a locked storage container, and then the parents must also bring a doctor’s note specifying dosage and timing. Students themselves cannot carry the marijuana to school themselves or transport it on the school bus. Previously, parents had to come to school to administer the marijuana themselves to their children. Finally, the law does not require nurses to administer doses of medical marijuana but does give them permission.

Governor Hickenlooper’s letter, stating his reasons for signing the bill, can be seen below:

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