Blue Widow Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: Blue Widow is the genetic offspring of Blueberry and White Widow. A delicately balanced Indica hybrid, Blue Widow, aka, Barry White, possesses both the power and finesse to end your day on an elevated note — regardless of your level of stress.

The Result:Indica-dominant” is how I would best describe this strain. While there are certainly pain-killing properties, and both body and head highs associated with the compounds found in this strain, Blue Widow will almost certainly leave you in your own little world; a world comprised of your couch and whatever activity is within arm’s reach.

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The Verdict: Vibrant aromas with subtle hints of blueberry and a nose full of citrus make Blue Widow a great mid-range strain. On a scale from “schwag to chronic,” Blue Widow comes down effortlessly on the “chronic” side of the quality spectrum. Though less stoney than some strains, Blue Widow’s bite is hidden in her unique terpenes.

 blue widow cannabis profile

Blue Widow potency profile

Strain Characteristics

Type: Indica dominant

Also Known As: Berry White / Blue Venom

Genetics: Blueberry x White Widow

Origin: Spain

How Stoned Will You Get: 6.5

Average THC: 15-17%

Average Price Per ⅛: $35

Awards: N/A

Strain Profile

The Science: Tested by MCR Labs in June 2017, Blue Widow’s laboratory results indicate this specific batch of flowers enjoyed a total THC content of 23.2 percent, which included 0.8 percent of activated THC and 21.8 percent of THCa. Apparently light on CBD cannabinoids, the profile of Blue Widow indicates this batch had a total CBD content of 0.1 percent. As for Blue Widow’s overall flavor and aroma profile, her flower’s essence is being directed and driven by the following terpenes: β-Myrcene – 0.47 percent, α-Pinene – 0.13 percent, and d-Limonene — 0.11 percent.

Appearance: Phenotype and temperature-dependent, Blue Widow’s appearance can be a bit of a misnomer. Sometimes expressing herself as a blueish-purple bud with an olive green, trichome dusted center, Blue Widow also maintains the genetics to produce a final product that boasts a sunset-like color palette. Dense, stout, and seemingly venomous, Blue Widow’s overall bag appeal is simply breathtaking.

Consistency: Dense, parched, and ready to create a psychotropic web of pleasure, Blue Widow’s buds are thick and dry, reminiscent of clumps of sugar on the fingertips. A great strain for any holiday gathering, Blue Widow’s buds travel well – provided you have an odor-proof container. Right, tight, and loaded with valuable trichomes, her impressive resin content seemingly functions as an antidote for the real arachnid’s neurotoxins.

Scent: Whip out the rubber gloves and scrub brush. Blue Widow brings with it the full, lemony house cleaner scent. There are certainly some fruity undertones — blueberry comes to mind most often — but for the most part, be prepared to welcome the full arsenal of Pine-Sol-class cleaners.

Taste: The undeniable hints of berry you smell under the cleaner aroma are more discernible in Blue Widow’s flavor profile. Fresh, like wild berries, the overwhelming taste here is intensely sweet and sour, which adds a unique edge to the strain’s overall flavor — think of a pack of Bubblicious gum or your favorite chewy candy. Of course, given this is pot and not candy, there is a hint of resiny goodness there, too.

Effect: Great for the social introvert or those in need of a mental reprieve, Blue Widow’s potent bite is just what the doctor ordered. A strong, clear, uplifting high will alleviate most unrelenting stress and pain. But true to form, Blue Widow is an Indica-dominant strain … and one that comes with the added risk of inducing a healthy case of couchlock. A perfect strain for accomplishing a little light reading, writing, or other solo brain activities, Blue Widow’s venom (read: THC) will relax the body and mind.

Strain Background: Per online sources, Blue Widow was originally cultivated by Dinafem seeds. An Indica-heavy strain, Blue Widow was bred as much for its effects as it was for its aesthetics. Blue Widow expresses two dominant phenotypes: compact (Indica) and tall (Sativa). Developed to grow nugs with a pleasant color, taste, and flavor, this strain is as effective recreationally as it is medicinally. SCROG it!

Medical Uses: A calming daytime hybrid, Blue Widow’s mild THC content produces sedative effects that are known to benefit patients seeking help in the management of their chronic pain, depression, and inflammation-related discomfort.

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